Revision refers to the process of reviewing and consolidating previously learned material, to better understand and remember it for future use. This is typically done in preparation for exams or other assessments, where the student is expected to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the material.

It can involve a variety of techniques, such as reviewing class notes, reading textbooks or study guides, creating flashcards, or practicing past exam questions. The goal of the revision is to refresh the student’s memory and reinforce their understanding of the material, making it easier to recall and apply in the future.

Revision can help students identify areas of weakness or gaps in their knowledge, allowing them to focus their efforts and improve their understanding of the subject. By committing to regular revision and applying effective techniques, students can improve their understanding, retention, and performance in any subject.

Overall, revision is an essential part of the learning process for students, helping them to consolidate their knowledge and prepare for success in exams and assessments.

ALLEN Digital has included a feature that aims to assist students in revising topics or subjects as needed, allowing them to progressively develop their knowledge base.

Revision (Web)

By selecting the “Revision” option, students are directed to a page where they can access revision modules in video format. The feature has a filter option that enables students to conduct subject and topic-based searches, as illustrated in Fig: 01.

Fig: 01

Revision (App)

Below the schedule feature, you’ll find the Revision feature as shown in Fig: 01.

Fig: 01

Clicking on Revision will take you to a page where you can access all the revision modules in the form of videos, as given in Fig: 02.

Fig: 02

On the right-hand side above the videos, you’ll see the “More” option, which gives you access to a search function that allows you to search for videos by subject and topic.

Fig: 03