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Technical Requirements

STATUTORY WARNING –Please note that the content provided

Login Process

You are assigned a batch after the admissions


The Schedule feature in ALLEN Digital may keep


IntroductionThis user guide contains all the essential steps


Revision refers to the process of reviewing and


Homework is a set of course-related educational tasks

Improvement Book

Improvement Book Feature in ALLEN DigitalThe Improvement Book

Digital Material

To assist you in learning more effectively, ALLEN

Test & Reports

Daily practicing tests, which demonstrate how you do under

Custom Practice

Custom Practice Feature in ALLEN DigitalWelcome to the

Ask Doubt

Along with asking questions, it is equally important


Advantages of using the ALLEN Digital app for


The broadcast feature in ALLEN Digital allows you to


The solutions to the exercises given in your


Notice for students is a written announcement or

Knowledge Base
Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a collection of information


A quiz is a test or assessment of


Feedback refers to the opinions provided by students

My Notes

Notes are a condensed and organized version of

My Homework

Homework is a set of course-related educational tasks

My Mentor

A mentor provides support and guidance on personal

technical support
Technical Support

Technical support is a service provided by a

Recreation Room

A recreation room in a student's portal typically


Blogs can provide valuable information and advice that

Reward Points

What are Reward Points?Rewards points are the points


A leave is an approved period of time

Study Drop

The "Study Drop" feature refers to the facility

Personalised Quiz

At ALLEN, we understand that each of you