Often students see tests in a negative light which usually arises due to the fear of failure. It is not unusual for students to come up with excuses to skip the test or delay it further.

However, you must understand that testing is an integral part of learning. It helps you understand what all you have learnt and what needs to be given more attention. Tests help determine whether you have learned what you were expected to learn or to what level or degree you have learned the concept or material.

Tests are even used to measure your learning progress, accomplishment and to assess the efficiency of the teaching approach. With tests, you even get to measure your progress toward the set goals.

Unless you test your knowledge, you will never be in a position to make further improvements.

And in today’s blog, we will be discussing the various ways testing helps you learn better and increase your knowledge. Let’s have a look at the reasons that make testing so important:


Helps You Assess Your Learning:

The scheduled tests in your online classes help you assess your learning once a topic or subject has been completed. When you attempt the tests based on the concept or topic you just learned, you get to understand it better and figure out how much exactly have you been able to grasp. This further helps in making the required changes in your learning strategies.

Helps You Identify Your Strength & Weakness:

Once you measure the learning outcome, you get to know what areas form your strength and what need more work and attention. With the test results, you can figure out what topics need more time and how you can improve your knowledge in that. This even helps your teachers understand your learning need and bring in the required changes in the teaching approach.

Helps You Measure Learning Effectiveness:

Test are a great way of knowing the effectiveness of your learning program. When you test your knowledge, it gives you a clear idea if you are headed in the right direction. This can even be a way of analyzing the effectiveness of teaching approach, your self-preparation strategy, and the efficiency of the study material.

Helps You Improve:

With every test you give, you get to improve a step. It helps you work on your weak areas and turn them into your strength. You also get to know the right learning approach needed for excelling in studies and understanding a concept perfectly. Testing increases the cope of improvement.

Helps You Gain Excellence:

As you work on your weakness and strengths, you get on the path of becoming better with each passing day. And this how you get to attain excellence. Consistent testing helps you in achieving your desired goals and securing and edge over your peers.

Never shy away from appearing for tests. Even if you score less, you will know what will help you improve that score and outshine. Don’t fear tests, treat them as the guide to work on your weakness and strengthen your knowledge.

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