How to score 90% marks in the 12th board exam?

Central board exams are going to start soon. These days students are preparing fiercely for these exams. Why not so, after all, they are the most important exams in any student’s life. It requires a lot of preparation and time management.

Instead of worrying about this exam, it is better for the students to prepare well in advance. To do this, it is necessary that he understands his strengths and weaknesses properly. Students who are going to appear for the board exams this year, If they follow the tips given here appropriately, then there is no doubt that they will not score 90 percent or more in the exam.

Start preparing early

It is true that every student has his own unique ability. That’s why he also does his preparation differently. Despite this, a better and common suggestion is that he should start his preparation soon i.e. before or on time. For this, students should choose the right time and good study environment so that the preparation for the board exam can be done strongly. To plan and stick to that plan means that half the battle has been won. It is also necessary to have a detailed plan for all the subjects. This will help the student to understand all the concepts well and will also have enough time for revision.

The student should follow the Pomodoro Technique to increase his potential. This is a popular time management method, which allows for focused study sessions and regular small breaks. Taking a short break after every 50-60 minute study session keeps the student focused. This also keeps him fresh and attentive. Divide the study time equally among all the main subjects and do not ignore any subject. The timed study sessions keep the pressure off and there is also a feeling of accomplishment after each session.

Healthy lifestyle

It is very important to stay healthy and fit during the exam. So take a balanced diet and also take some time out for rest and entertainment. Students must take adequate rest and sleep so that they do not fall ill. Apart from this, students should also communicate with their family members so that stress can be controlled and if any support is needed, it can also be found.

Stay positive and motivated

As the exam gets closer, so will the pressure. Hence it is necessary for the student to be cheerful all the time. First of all, read the question paper thoroughly so that you get familiar with each and every question. This creates a positive frame of mind which is essential for the student to give his 100 percent. It is not good for the student to be stuck for a long time on any one question. The more sample papers a student solves, the better it will be for him.


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