Improvement Book

Improvement Book Feature in ALLEN Digital

The Improvement Book feature in the ALLEN Digital app enables you to access and practice all the mistakes and revise them before the test.

The advantages of practicing your mistakes online include a streamlined process with automatic evaluation in real time. Here’s how it can benefit you:

  • Access: It will help you access all your mistakes in one place, and you will also have a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses in specific topics and subtopics.
  • Performance Improvement: Improve your performance for the upcoming test by practicing and rectifying your mistakes.
  • Easier Revision: The Improvement Book will help you revise quickly.

Where can you access your Improvement Book?

You can easily access it by following these steps:

  1. Click on the “Improvement Book” option located in the Navigation Pane.

Note: Alternatively, you can access it from:

  • Schedule section
  • Homework (Under Completed section)

      2. Once you’ve clicked on “Improvement Book”, you’ll be directed to the Improvement Book page.

      3. Select the desired Subject (i.e. Inorganic Chemistry) for which you want to view the improvement book. 

      4. For each subject, you will have the following topics with their corresponding mistakes:

  • Ongoing Topic (depicts the latest homework assigned by the faculty)
  • Previous Topics

      5. In each topic level, you can see the Progress Bar and get the mistake breakdown for each subtopic.


  • Progress Bar: depicts the total solved mistakes out of total mistakes.

  • However, there’s a key point to remember. Sometimes, you may not have completed your homework. In that case, you need to complete the homework first before practicing your mistakes for the respective topics.

      6. Now, click on the icon highlighted below for which topic you want to view & attempt the mistakes.

      7. Here, you can view the Incorrect and Unattempted types of questions under the respective sections.

       8. For each question, you can see the below details:

  • Attempt Count: How many times have I attempted the questions?
  • Total Time Spent: How much time have I spent on this question?
  • Bookmark: It is an option to bookmark the question. 

     9. In the Solved section, you can view all your solved questions to revise before going to the test.

      10. To address a specific mistake, click on the question tile related to the topic or subtopic you want to work on.

        11. You’ll be taken to this page, where you can attempt the question and learn from your mistakes.

     12. If the question’s answer is correct, then you can see a message “AWESOME! Question moved to solved” and this question is moved to the Solved section to revise it before the test.

      13. To attempt the next question, you can click on the Next Questions button as per your wish.

       14. But what if you give the wrong answer? In that case, you need a bit more practice for that concept.

       15. And remember, if you wish to leave the practice, you can do that too. That’s how you practice your Improvement Book.