Amidst this pandemic time, online classes have proved to be a great help for students everywhere.
Students have got a perfect platform to continue their studies without any break. However, this new
switch to online learning has certainly increased screen time. Apart from the scheduled hours of
online classes, students even spend time in front of the TV, mobiles, and tablets.

This extended screen time apparently leads to various eye problems such as irritability, pain,
swelling, redness, and itchiness. The discomfort is bound to affect the learning process too.

And to make sure that nothing causes any hindrance in your learning journey, plus your health stays
intact; we have listed some very important tips to help you keep away from straining your eyes
during an online class.

With these tips, you can ensure the health of your eyes and concentrate better on your studies. Let’s
have a look:

1. Check Your Screen Position: Always make sure that your device screen is kept at a safe distance –
neither too close nor very far. The screen should be visible clearly without causing any strain to the
eyes. Also, the screen must be kept a bit lower than your eye level so that you don’t have to look up
at the screen which results in widening the eyes causing dryness.

2. Adjust the Screen Brightness: The brightness of your screen should be adjusted to a level that
causes no added strain on the eyes. You should be able to see things clearly without feeling any kind
of discomfort in the eyes. If you want, you can even use the computer eyeglasses.

3. Ensure Your Study Space Has Enough Light: Along with the brightness of your device, the light in
your room also plays a vital role. Never sit in darkness, relying just on the screen light. This is
extremely harmful to the eyes. Always make sure that your study room or space is well lit. And if it
has access to natural light during day hours, it’s certainly the best.

4. The 20-20-20 Rule: This is the golden rule, suggested to all who spend a considerable amount of
time in front of computers, laptops, or mobile phones. As per this rule, every 20 minutes, you should
take a 20-second break, and look at an object that is nearly 20 feet away from you. You can focus on
a wall, window, or even a tree; provided they are at a good distance from where you are sitting. This
is a great exercise to do during screen time.

5. Don’t Forget to Blink: Blinking of eyes is an unconscious act. However, when you are in front of
the screen, the blinking tendency of your eyes goes down because your entire focus shifts on the
screen. Not blinking for long can irritate your eyes and cause discomfort. Make sure that you are
blinking constantly. This allows your eyes to prevent dryness by spreading the tears across the

6. Take Proper Sleep: Your sleep cycle also plays a crucial role in keeping your eyes healthy. If you
are sleep deprived or have no proper sleep routine, your eyes will remain tired and when in front of
screens, your eyes will get teary and exhausted very soon which will affect your learning process. So,
make sure that you sleep well and give your eyes the proper relaxation.

7. Keep Your Screen Time in Check: Now that you are learning online, you must make it a point to
watch your overall screen time in a day. Make a proper timetable to see that you don’t invest too
much time in front of the TV, video games, or any other screen-related activity.

8. Eat Healthily: Your diet also has an important role to play when it comes to eye health. Eat healthy
foods that are rich in all vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. Consume foods rich in vitamin C
and Alike citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, berries and eggs. Mangoes, apricots, carrots,
pumpkins are also good for your eyes as they are rich in beta-carotene; a vitamin A type that is good
for eye health.

Include these tips in your everyday learning to make the online process all about pros. Eye health is
extremely important and with these tips, you can take care of them without having to compromise
with your learning process.

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