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Smartphones come in handy during your online learning. They indeed make the learning process smoother, seamless, and a lot faster. But there stands a hitch: battery life.

Most people complain of draining battery and this problem sees a major rise when the phone is being used for longer hours. It’s very common to encounter battery issues with your smartphones or even laptops for that matter when you are attending online classes.

A poor battery can affect your learning experience by causing unwanted pauses and delays.

This is why it is important that you take some necessary steps to improve the battery life of your mobile.

To help you with that, we have listed some vital tips which will help you increase the battery life of your phone and thus enhance your learning experience online. Have a look:

1. Don’t Leave the Wi-Fi Always On: Your phone’s battery gets used the maximum during internet surfing. Even the apps on your phone use the data in the background thus draining the battery. To make sure that your phone battery lasts longer, keep the wi-fi off when it’s not in use. Once you are free from your online class, turn off the wi-fi or even the phone data so that consumption of the internet is paused for a while. It might seem a tad difficult to keep a tab on the wi-fi all the time but with practice, you will get used to turning it off when not in use.

2. Turn Off Notifications: This will not only help you save battery life but is even a good practice to follow in order to keep the distractions at bay during an online class. Most of the apps on your device send notifications frequently. As the notifications pop up, the battery is consumed which affects the battery life. Allow notifications from apps that are really important and keep the others off so that your phone battery isn’t used unnecessarily.

3. Set the Brightness Manually: It’s quite comfortable to keep the auto-brightness mode always turned on. As it saves you the pain from adjusting it every now and then. But this affects the phone battery greatly. The sensor that controls the brightness uses the maximum battery and when you keep it on, the battery starts draining quickly. Make it a habit to adjust the brightness manually so that the auto-brightness sensor is used very little and the battery life is extended further.

4. Keep the Vibration Mode Off: Keeping the vibration mode on for calls, messages, notifications etc. is also responsible for battery draining. It would be better to keep it in silent mode or ring mode. This way you will not have to charge your battery at smaller intervals.

5. Keep the Background Apps in Check: You might think that once you have put your phone away, it is as good as switched off. But that’s not the case. Even if you are not using the device, apps keep working in the background. And this causes battery usage. So, after using your phone, clear the recently used apps tab and make sure there are no apps running in the background.

6. Minimize the Use of Bluetooth: Your smartphone’s Bluetooth feature comes in handy for you when making calls, or listening to music, or engaging in any activity where it is required. But once the need is over, you often forget to turn off Bluetooth. If your Bluetooth remains on, the mobile keeps searching for nearby devices via Bluetooth and this apparently uses battery power. When not in use, turn off the Bluetooth so that you can save the maximum battery of your device.

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