In today’s blog, we have got to you some very important tips that will help you make the most of your recorded lectures.

Unlike LIVE classes, recorded lectures give you the convenience of watching them at your pace, comfort, and time. And while it’s a great advantage for your self-paced learning, not utilizing the time effectively can only lead to learning difficulties.

So, to keep all problems at bay and make your online learning experience an amazing one, here are some essential tips you must consider when watching recorded lectures. Have a look:

Start with a Personal Planner: You certainly have a pre-defined planner made available for your online classes, which include both recorded and LIVE classes. Compared to recorded, LIVE classes are more time specific whereas the former can be watched whenever you feel like. But this shouldn’t be the approach. You should always check your class schedule and see the number of recorded lectures you have for a day.

Make a personal planner on paper and put it on your desk from where you can easily keep a tab as to what recorded classes you need to watch. Adjust the time based on your productivity level; for instance, if you feel more focused during the morning hours then watch the lectures during that time frame. No matter what time frame you choose, it should not collide with your LIVE classes, and you should be able to watch all the available lectures of the day.

Stick to the Schedule: Just making a planner won’t be enough, you will have to see to it that you stick to it without fail. Given it’s a recorded lecture, you might feel tempted to delay watching it. But you must remember that even recorded lectures come with expiry and they won’t be available for long. So, make it a habit to watch them in the specified time such that there are no lags in your studies.

Always Make Notes: Before you commence watching the recorded lecture, be prepared with the required things to take notes. You may choose to take notes on paper or laptop depending on your convenience. Handwritten notes help you remember things more easily albeit it’s a slower process, but its effectiveness is higher when compared to notes made on a laptop. Irrespective of the mode you choose the key takeaway here is that making notes is very important.

Don’t Overuse the Pause Button: Pausing a lecture is something you might find yourself doing very often. But you don’t realize that when you pause a lecture, you end up creating a lag. Though pausing lecture allows you to make notes, it, however, slows you down. Consider being in a class and writing notes, will you be able to pause a classroom session? No, right. you will have to make efforts to match your pace with that of the teacher. And the same thing is what you need to do when watching the recorded lectures. Pause the video when you genuinely feel the need of taking some time to write the important note. Just don’t overuse the pause button.

Prepare a Quick & Short Summary of the Lecture: Now this is different from the notes you take while watching the lecture. Notes include the important things covered in a topic whereas making a short summary of the lecture helps you with the study material and assignments. It serves as an overview of the topic you just covered and comes in handy when you memorize it later or work on the assignments.

Take Proper Breaks: Don’t try to finish watching all the recorded lectures in one go. Just like you enjoy a small break in your offline classes, treat yourself to a short break after watching one recorded lecture. Give yourself some time before moving on to the next video. This helps you focus better and pay more attention. It’s also good for your eyes as you don’t want to strain them.

Make use of these tips when watching your next recorded lecture and see the difference. Once you bring this in habit, you will experience better learning outcomes. Good Luck!

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