One can’t stress enough the importance of note-making during a class or while preparing for any exam. Notes help you focus better and understand the concepts deeply. The notes you prepare come in handy at the time of revision and help you strengthen your preparation further.

However, in order to get the maximum benefits out of making notes, it’s very important that some things are taken care of. Using strategic practices, you will be able to take clear and useful notes.

In this blog, we will be discussing the tips using which you’ll be able to make good quality notes and enhance your learning in an effective manner. Let’s have a look:

1. Prepare in Advance: Before your online class, the first thing you need to do is prepare for the impending lecture. Whether it is a LIVE class or recorded, you must stay updated with the schedule and prepare for the class well in advance. And by preparation, we mean that you should have some understanding of the concept that you’ll be studying in your upcoming class.

2. Be Fully Organized: Next important thing to keep in mind is proper organization. When taking notes, you should have all the required stationery handy. Use separate notepads for all your subjects. Label your notes neatly and structure them in proper order so that when you revisit them later on, it becomes easier to find the important stuff. Avoid any sort of mess when taking notes. Whether you prefer writing them down or making them online, make sure to be as neat and organized as possible.

3. Don’t Focus on Writing Down Everything: Wanting to write everything down that’s being said during a class is where you fail in making effective notes. When taking notes, just be alert and focus on the main ideas or points from the concept being taught. You can abbreviate your notes or use any annotation that you can refer to later and understand easily.

4. Write Neat & Clear: When writing notes, focusing on your handwriting is also important because if you write in hurry, and aren’t able to figure out your own handwriting later on then there is no point in putting in so much effort. Write very neatly and clearly. If your handwriting is not very good then work on it and ensure to at least write everything clearly.

5. Revise Notes As Soon As Possible: Once you have made notes for a topic don’t just file them away. Review the notes to see if there is any need for paraphrasing or adding extra points. Also, revise them as soon as possible so that the concept can register in your memory.

6. Write Weekly Summaries: Another effective way of making the most of your notes is writing weekly summaries of the notes. This way you can synthesize concepts and amalgamate your learning. This will prove to be an extra asset in your learning process.

7. Consistency is a Must: With notes making, consistency is a must. You should make complete notes related to a topic or concept. Never leave any topic in between and switch to the next. This will only create a lag and hamper your learning process.

Conclusion: Notes help you greatly with self-guided learning and you will only be able to get all the benefits of note-making when you do it diligently. Make your notes effectively to ease your learning process and enhance your preparation further.

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